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We are a team of Certified Base Programming consultants for SAS 9. We provide a bouquet of services for Pharmaceutical industries. Our services include training and development in clinical trials by using SAS. We offer remote and online training support services.

We provide the following services

Base SAS

Introduction to SAS programs
Accessing Data
Producing Details Reports
Formatting Data Values
Reading SAS Data Sets
Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data
Reading Raw Data Files
Manipulating Data
Combining Data Sets
Creating Summary Reports
Controlling Input and Output
Summarizing Data
Reading Raw Data Files
Data Transformations
Debugging Techniques
Processing Data Iteratively
Restructuring a Data
Combining SAS Data Sets
Creating and Maintaining Permanent Formats

SAS Macro Language

Macro Variables
Macro Definitions
DATA Step and SQL Interfaces
Macro Programs


Basic Queries
Display Query Results
SQL Joins
Set Operators
Creating Tables and Views

SAS Graphics

SAS Report Writing

Clinical Trials

Writing specifications
CRF Annotation
Mapping of Datasets
Developing SDTM Datasets
Developing ADAM Datasets
Developing Reports
Developing Graphs
Developing Listings
Creating Metadata
Developing Define.xml


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